Friday, November 15, 2013

What I did before going back to school.

My interest in art began in childhood, but returned in the year 2004. As a temporary employee, I began doodling with the highlighters on post it notes during my breaks. It was just a way to get away from the stresses of the job for just a moment. I did not consciously realize that I was making art, until I saw a pattern in my work. I created strange worlds, animals that lived in the clouds and interesting logos that didn't really have a meaning. My favorite color was pink. My second favorite color was blue.

One of these days, I may try to find my early art and post it here.

My art began to become more sophisticated as I took my first art lessons. I took watercolor and drawing lessons at Forsyth Technical Community College's Continuing Education program whenever I could. Eventually I took art classes at my Alma Mater, Salem College, which had courses for the community, and Sawtooth. My Sawtooth classes overlapped my course of study in Digital Effects and Animation at Forsyth Technical Community College, so the combined classes really enhanced my learning.

Here is a sample of my pre-going back to school days:

Just click on one to enlarge.

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